Projects in Incubation

XuperCore、Pika、TencentOS Tiny、AliOS Things、开源大师兄、Vearch、RT-Thread Nano、UBML、OpenKona 项目待更名

XuperCore (to be renamed)RepositoryWebsite
Technical Features:Ultra-high performance, scalability, and ease of use.
Project Sponsor(s):徐亮、陈磊
Project Values:Over 50,000 users, serving thousands of companies with thousands of successful cases.
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Technical Features:Domain modeling, software development, low-code/zero-code, cloud-native, microservice architecture, and Industrial Internet.
Project Sponsor(s):郑伟波
Project Values:Establishing a unified standard for low-code development, popularizing civilian development, driving revolutionary changes in software development models, resolving the contradiction between software supply and demand, and building a rich ecosystem of industrial software applications.
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Technical Features:Hardware mutual assistance, resource sharing; one-time development, multi-terminal deployment; unified OS, flexible deployment.
Project Sponsor(s):谭中意
Project Values:Covering full-scenario applications, and supporting a variety of devices.
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Pika (to be renamed)RepositoryWebsite
Technical Features:High performance, multi-threading, persistence, and Redis protocol.
Project Sponsor(s):龚旋、黄之鹏、堵俊平、覃左言
Project Values:A low-cost data persistent database.
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TencentOS Tiny (to be renamed)RepositoryWebsite
Technical Features:Streamlined RTOS kernel, low power consumption, low resource usage, modular design, security, reliability, and a low threshold for entry.
Project Sponsor(s):许勇、马涛
Project Values:Low-cost Internet of Things (IoT) development model, facilitating fast access to cloud services for hundreds of millions of devices in multiple ways.
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AliOS Things (to be renamed)RepositoryWebsite
Technical Features:Operating systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Python, and JavaScript.
Project Sponsor(s):马涛
Project Values:Solving the fragmentation problem of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and providing a unified operating system solution for IoT applications.
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Technical Features:Next-generation application with native functional experience, instant use, direct service delivery, and content outreach.
Project Sponsor(s):张铎、贺师俊、陈凌云
Project Values:Deep integration with various mobile phone manufacturers, covering more than 1.2 billion devices with over 500 million monthly active users. With native rendering capabilities and deep integration with the operating system, it can achieve the same functionality and experience as native applications. It also has the capabilities that native applications do not have, such as instant use, direct service delivery and content outreach, greatly enhancing user experience and application distribution efficiency.
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Technical Features:Operating systems, full-scenario application, diverse computing power, high performance, high security, and easy operation and maintenance.
Project Sponsor(s):堵俊平
Project Values:Unlocking diverse computing power, managing hardware resources, and enabling applications across various industries.
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Technical Features:Scripting, cross-platform, and high value.
Project Sponsor(s):贺师俊
Project Values:Programming for upper-level logic, and focusing on enterprise value.
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Technical Features:Commercial cryptographic algorithms, TLCP, cryptographic compliance, Internet production level, homomorphic encryption algorithms, and post-quantum cryptography.
Project Sponsor(s):马涛,霍海涛
Project Values:Helping users achieve compliance with State’s cryptographic algorithms, and ensuring data security throughout the project’s lifecycle.
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OpenBrother (to be renamed)Repository
Technical Features:Open source education, hardware open source, artificial intelligence, Python programming, graphical programming, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud access.
Project Sponsor(s):罗文江
Project Values:Providing a comprehensive hardware and software solution for fully open-source information technology education for youth.
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Technical Features:High usability, high versatility, and scalability.
Project Sponsor(s):苏贝、肖伟、郑伟波
Project Values:Tackling pain points in blockchain testing, and helping standardize and facilitate testing.
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RT-Thread Nano Repository
Technical Features:Cross-chip platform, real-time operating system kernel, end-to-cloud integration, ultra-low power consumption design, fast boot, security design, and smart AI engine.
Project Sponsor(s):马涛
Project Values:With 15 years of professional operation and promotion, RT-Thread Nano meets the market demand with its high reliability, security, scalability, and easy-to-use middleware. It also has a high-quality open-source embedded community in China.
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Technical Features:Vector search, distributed, real-time indexing & retrieval, artificial intelligence, image, audio and video retrieval, face recognition, and search & recommendation.
Project Sponsor(s):覃左言
Project Values:High performance for artificial intelligence scenarios, and low-cost vector storage and query.
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Technical Features:轻量级、面向领域、高效灵活、一体化微服务治理。
Project Sponsor(s):张烨
Project Values:简化云原生分布式应用系统的开发、测试及运维管理,有效降低基础设施资源消耗。
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Incubation Preparatory Period

Disclaimer: The donors provide the following project names. This website simply displays basic information about the projects. After they are officially donated to the Foundation, their names will be modified or confirmed according to relevant regulations of the Foundation.

Technical Features:Cloud-native, multi-cluster management, tenant management, and heterogeneous technologies.
Project Sponsor(s):单致豪、许勇
Project Values:The best practice for open source TKE container management platform on Tencent Cloud.
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Technical Features:Multi-mode, time-series calculation, generic transaction calculation, analytical calculation, real-time calculation in memory, cloud-native, high-speed data insertion, extremely fast query, multi-center, cloud-edge synchronization, cross-mode calculation, AIOT, security and reliability, native predictive analytics, high compatibility, efficient data processing output, and real-time data fusion.
Project Sponsor(s):郑伟波
Project Values:Promoting the advancement of database technology through scientific research and innovation, and helping exchange cutting-edge database technology while cultivating talents.
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Technical Features:Supporting mainstream chips: including Feiteng, Haiguang, Zhaoxin, Loongson, Kunpeng, and other domestic chips, as well as Intel SPR, ARMv9 and DPU. -Supporting multiple architectures: including X86_64, RISC-V, Arm64, LoongArch architectures. -Cloud-oriented operating system, more Anolis Research & Development. -Supporting Kernel: ANCK (Anolis Cloud Kernel): community 4.19 and 5.10LTS kernel with over 30 feature enhancements. It has undergone rigorous testing, including deployment on Alibaba Cloud with over a million users and extreme stress testing during 11.11 online shopping festival. RHCK (RHEL Compatible Kernel): reconstructed based on source code to meet user demands. -Supporting cloud-native virtualization, containers, Java language and other cloud-native technology stacks. -Providing multiple forms of base images for web, database, AI, big data, and other application scenarios.
Project Sponsor(s):马涛
Project Values:Many companies have released commercial derivatives based on Anolis OS, which serve over 300,000 users.
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Technical Features:Enterprise-level operating system, economical operating system, green operating system, and cloud-native operating system.
Project Sponsor(s):单致豪、王锋、郑伟波
Project Values:Covering the full L1, L2 and L3 chains, creating a benchmark for the open-source supply of operating systems, and providing enterprise-level usable operating systems.
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Technical Features:Open source, compact, detachable, customizable, cross-platform, high performance, and low consumption.
Project Sponsor(s):霍海涛、贺师俊
Project Values:Web rendering engines being too heavy is a common pain point in the industry today; thus, a lightweight engine is urgently needed.
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Technical Features:Zero-trust, cloud-native, database protection, and mTLS.
Project Sponsor(s):张烨
Project Values:Providing zero-trust-based runtime data protection solutions and critical infrastructure in cloud-native environments.
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Contributor(s):Futurewei Technologies, Inc.、西安深信科创信息技术有限公司、北极雄芯信息科技(西安)有限公司、Open Motors
Technical Features:The Carsmos project contains contributions, sponsorship and participation from industry, academia and research: including DORA data stream middleware and Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) business development platform, EtymOS autonomous driving large model and data flywheel platform, OASIS intelligent driving scenario description language and simulation testing platform, EDIT EV low-speed electric skateboard chassis, PULSAR open electronic and electrical architecture, AutoExpress core interconnection technology and agile DSA chip design standards.
Project Sponsor(s):堵俊平,罗文江
Project Values:Providing an open-source and technologically advanced platform for smart automotive industry research and development.
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Technical Features:Design verification & testing synthesis, logic synthesis & high-level synthesis, physical design & modeling verification, PCB design & verification, analog circuit design, and processor design automation.
Project Sponsor(s):熊伟、徐亮
Project Values:Research and development of EDA core technologies and public technology frameworks, and support for the integrated circuit industry and ecosystem.
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Technical Features:Cloud-native, containers, k8s, Docker, VSCode, and JetBrains.
Project Sponsor(s):冯涛,许勇
Project Values:Solving the problem of environmental standardization in the software development process at its root.
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